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Drawing, “the root of everything” – Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh’s is very well known for his paintings, but he realised more than 1100 black and white drawings that remain for the main part unknown, although they are an impressive demonstration of his creativity. 

Nowadays, main self-taught artists focus essentially on colored painting as this is the more straight forward way to express themselves. However, at his period, Van Gogh really focussed on the art of drawing as “the root of everything” :

  • mastering black and white, a mandatory step before working in colours (values)
  • easy drawing, the possibility practice on some complex subjects or even to capture light impression
  • economics, no need for expansive paints and canvas, just paper, ink and pens that he used to make himself

The great artist need those two ways of expression, painting and drawing, with equal importance. Even more his well known paintings were drawn rather than painted.

Main greatest black and white drawings and watercolour paintings have been made during the two years he spent in Provence

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