Julian Merrow Smith Self Portrait

Julian Merrow Smith : neo-impressionist

Julian Merrow Smith is a contemporary British artist leaving in south of France “Le Vaucluse”. His work has certainly been influenced by Duane Keiser’s concept : “a painting a day“. Julian Merrow Smith has created a blog called “Postcard from Provence” in 2004 where is paints any object passing under his nose in his house, on the market tables, or on his road.

Daily painting of Laphroaig

In Julian Merrow Smith’s paintings, objects are so banal, but the way they are interpreted in the composition shows so much about the artist mood, the weather, and the season.

The “Postcard from Provence” blog references all the archived Julian Merrow Smith paintings since years, showing his impressive evolution during the years. Today his observation is so pertinent and his brushstroke so subtile and so strong at the same time. in 15 years he passed from a realistic art to an almost impressionist still life painter.

daily painting titled Clementines de Corse

look at the strength of this painting with a so simple subject !

The artist concept and performances have been referenced on the press since 2006 (New York Times, USAToday, Times, Guardian, etc..)

Impressive artist, congratulations Mr. Smith !

Joseph Italiano

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